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Arts Center

In 2001, The Oldham County Board of Education purchased the former Crestwood Baptist Church on Floydsburg Road in Crestwood for the purpose of developing the Oldham County Schools Arts Center. The Arts Center is truly a unique institution that provides arts and cultural opportunities to nurture its students and the community at large. Operating as a visual and performing arts school for our students and our community, the Arts Center has proven to be highly effective in providing arts education for everyone. Our Performance Hall, Music, Art and Dance Studios, and Anita Davis Art Gallery all buzz with energy as students, community groups, artists, teachers and the public create art and enjoy learning.

The Oldham County Education Foundation has been instrumental in assisting with the growth and development of the Arts Center’s facilities and programs. These are some highlights of OCEF’s support of the Arts Center:
The Blake Haselton Sculpture Garden is created at the Oldham County Schools Arts Center, thanks in part to OCEF’s financial support. The garden is named after former school superintendent, W. Blake Haselton.OCEF begins its commitment to the OCSAC by finding funds to redesign the Center’s Web site and provide performance funding.
OCEF secures more than $40,000 to renovate the Arts Center’s Performance Hall.OCEF purchases over $25,000 worth of audio/visual equipment for the OCSAC.

OCEF provides nearly $68,000 to the OCSAC for facility enhancements including a new marquee for the building.

OCEF acquires over $7,300 to support performance and programming needs of the OCSAC.

OCEF is instrumental in securing $68,000 from the Peyton Samuel Head Family Trust to provide a new professional lighting system for the Arts Center’s Performance Hall.
OCEF funds $13,000 toward the purchase of a Schimmel Grand Piano for the Performance Hall. The beautiful piano was dedicated in a celebration concert featuring the music of several talented pianists.
OCEF has contributed $12,500 annually to support the Artist-in-Residence Program. This Residency encompasses all the Arts Center strives for in developing a community of united learners through collaborations between students, teachers, community members, and artists. This grant has been the longest consecutive award received by the Art Center. OCEF has touched the lives of tens of thousands of students by allowing the program to flourish for the past 11 years.
OCEF contributed $12,000 in addition to the Artist-in-Residence Grant to again raise the level of production capabilities in the Performance Hall. The purchase of a new sound mixer, microphones, and LED light bars ensured our continued high quality performances and concerts in a comfortable, state-of-the-arts setting.


In the spring of 2008, OCEF was able to fulfill the desire of the Oldham County Schools Arts Center for a new performance piano. Working with the Oldham County Board of Education, OCEF was able to locate and purchase a Schimmel Grand Piano. The beautiful piano was dedicated in a celebration concert featuring the music of several talented pianists.